11 July 2008

Recording sample: Einstein on the Beach

Here is a 30-second sample of my current recording process. It's the first 30 seconds of side 3 of the CBS Masterworks pressing of "Einstein On The Beach", encoded with lossyWAV --portable in FLAC.

I bought the boxed set at Amoeba Records in SF for $9, and it's easily some of the best pressed and maintained vinyl I have ever laid eyes upon. (The music is excellent too.)

Note the hiss before the violin begins - that is the 0404 USB's mic preamp noise I was talking about. It is fairly prominent in silent passages, but is difficult to identify while most music is playing, and is also pretty hard to spot with noisy vinyl. So it's fairly important to get this fixed, as far as vinyl upgrades are concerned. Besides that, I think the sound quality is excellent.

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