17 December 2008

Geek-out time: a CD4 record

CD4 records are sufficiently uncommon (or sufficiently expensive) that I was quite pleased when I found this one for $4. (In fact, this specific pressing is not currently in eBay's auction records, or GEMM's. It's mentioned once on popsike.) Ironically, I don't have a CD4 decoder (yet), I don't own a surround sound speaker system, and I'm not a fan of the Raspberries. I haven't even listened to the music yet. I just wanted to see a used LP have a frequency response go out to 45khz.

One occasionally still sees the argument that "anything on vinyl above 30khz gets wiped out after a few plays". While that may certainly be true for a large number of turntables in use today, it certainly hasn't happened here - this record very clearly has been played before.

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