01 January 2009

A good USB turntable guide

USB Turntable Comparison Guide

The maintainer of Knowzy (a commission-based website with detailed guides on selected topics) recently posted a guide to USB turntables based on a lot of input from the HydrogenAudio community, including myself. It is very accurate and free of audiophile hyperbole. I'd recommend it to people who are considering purchasing a USB turntable and would like to know all the technical reasons to (not) purchase one. (FWIW, I have absolutely no ties to Knowzy besides my contributions to the guide.)

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Knowzy said...

Hi Richard,

Thanks for the blog post and allowing me to pick your brain in researching the article.

I've seen so many gushing reviews claiming this-or-that USB turntable is "perfect" for archiving your vinyl collection. I felt there was a serious need for an article that goes beyond the fluff.

With help from you and HA at-large, I found a lot to write about:

* There are no good turntables for $150 or less, especially when you include a pre-amp and ADC in the package.

* DJ turntables are the next step up in USB turntables. However, they must be properly outfitted for hi-fi use for best results.

* There is one "introductory-level" audiophile USB turntable, the Pro-Ject Debut III USB, at around $500. However, at that price-point you may find a better analog turntable, which becomes digital with a little effort and hardware that you may already have.

BTW, while this guide is indeed heavily commission-based, Knowzy is an online magazine first and foremost. It's an attempt by one software engineer (me) at journalism in a unique online format.

I do write from the perspective of and for the benefit of my readers. Knowzy is bound to tough policies to ensure the lure of advertising dollars doesn't get in the way of sound advice.

Thanks again for blogging the guide.

Happy New Year!